Crystal Diffuser

Designed to be as safe as possible the Pure Fragrance relies upon fragrance to control diffusion and does NOT contain solvents. As many common solvents can contribute to air pollution and damage to the ecosystem when disposed of, the Pure Fragrance was formulated to help save our planets valuable resources and reduce potential pollution because it does not contain phthalates glycol ethers, petroleum distillate or unnecessary chemical solvents. By avoiding dangerous solvents such as ethers and alcohol as well, the diffuser is non-flammable at average household temperatures.

Remover the stopper from the bottle and carefully insert the reeds. Diffusion of the Pure Fragrance begins immediately and becomes stronger as the days go by.

For maximum strength, insert the reeds all the way down to the bottom of the container using a twist action to work through the crystals. You can adjust the power of the fragrance diffused into the room by lessening the number of reeds or only partially inserting them into the crystals